While engaging new customer, do not forget to sustain your existing customers as well.

Businesses accumulate data like we do old clothes. The main reason driving us to collect data is regulatory compliance on data stewardship.  For some, that is the full extent of stewardship - shunting data onto secondary databases for an unplanned future.

Just in case. And how many times have you heard it said that “storage is cheap anyways.”

“There’s gold in them that hills”

Who among us have not heard those catch-phrases before – “data quality”, “data-mining”, “data warehouse”, “business intelligence”, “enhancing affinity”, and, most recently, “machine learning” – and all the attendant marketing metrics?

Businesses must adopt technology to serve the single customer uniquely. Your data is the key!

The Question is not "What", but How?


There is no shortage of technology and business partners you can call on to help you with your data insight needs. So, how is Soft-Skills different?  And why should you care?

We don’t just do the easy parts – buying an off-the-shelf application, and then let you do the hard work of figuring out the how.  At the core are our pony-tailed software and database developers who know how to wring every bit of juice from a technology platform.
In our engagements, we call upon associate industry veterans with domain expertise along with our core data professionals with decades of experience dealing with large data sets. We understand your data and your business.

You can rest assured that we are not vendor-tied. We don’t represent any hardware or software platforms. We have used commercial offerings such as Trillium and freemium ones like Talend. If the situation calls for it, we will even build around it.  Whatever it takes to drive an engagement to bring value to you.

Customer Churn Detection System


Customer churn or customer attrition is a situation when the customer discontinues his/her relationship with a company. A high churn rate not only indicates that the company is losing number of customers, it also affect the company revenue and growth rate adversely. There must be some reasons trigger this churn to be happened. Thus, the Customer Churn Detection System provided by Soft-Skills is aimed to reduce the churn rate by tackling the churn through data quality solutions.

Data Quality Solution


This solution includes data cleansing, data standardization and information matching. All the data as mentioned is referred to the customer information. Data cleansing is basically to filter out the corrupted and incorrect data files. Data cleansing also correct and amend on those error files. Data standardization is the tuning of the data. It ensures that the data information follows a standard format and never deviate too much from the benchmark. Information matching is a process that make sure the data stored in the system is tally with the customer information. It also ensures that the customer information is always up-to-date in case there is a need to contact the particular customer.

Competitive Advantage

With our effective project management strategies, We promise that we will help you to sustain your business growth in competitive market.

Customer Satisfaction

With our systematic approach in project management, we promise to deliver the results that will achieve 100% of your satisfication.

Reduce Risks

With our proven project managing startegies, we assure to anticipate potential risks in your projects and in return, create significant value for your business goal.

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