“It is important to hang on to your customer.

If doing business with you, in his mind, is no different from doing business with

the outfit across the street, then you will be in trouble at the very first sign of difficulty or challenges.”


Age of Mobile Devices

As customers increasingly ditch the PC in favor of mobile devices such as the tablet, organizations have to make firm decisions to deliver electronic services to its investing clientele via these devices as well.



With more investors on the go, it is vital for investors to have the right tools, the right information and the ability to trigger and make a trade. Although the investment companies have had mobile apps for many years, these apps have yet to evolve to adapt to the changing social engagement mobile environment.

Stock trading applications isn’t just about viewing a portfolio, maintaining basis watchlists and placing trades within an environment flooded with so much of financial jargons and data.

More than just providing a tool with full trading features, mobile trading applications of the future must address the need to:

  • Simplifying the complicated financial jargon,
  • Simplify the understanding of the financial data related to the stock, market, or the industry itself,
  • Link the clients, agents and the investment organization within a social trading environment that allows clients to “see, follow or lead” in their investments.

Today is the era of digitalization & let's build our globalization with digitalization.

What is CFE?

CFE is a stock trading application that offers the common trading tool facilities albeit with a pleasant twist while engaging with the users via habit-forming engagement.

  1. Trigger – Engage users by alerting them of events or ideas via notifications or emails.
  2. Action – The act of getting the users to engage with the ideas or events pushed to them in anticipation of a reward.
  3. Variable Reward – Create a craving for the users by configuring customized information, events or ideas that keeps them coming back to the app, again and again.
  4. Investment – Getting the users to walk the last mile by acting on the ideas, information or events that was published to them.

This “Hook Engagement Model” indirectly builds customer affinity between the users and the organization constantly offering the service.
(Source: Farnam Street Blog, March 18th, 2014)

What does CFE offer?

CFE offers organizations to offer a unique offering by:


  • Allowing organizations to customize specific investment ideas to their audience (clients or Joe Public);
  • Simplify the meaning of financial jargons or financial data so that it becomes simple for the layman to understand, or act upon;
  • Having a single view of his position in all accounts, products and markets the user trades in;
  • Allowing a real-time snapshot of their portfolio performance to the market;
  • Offering a real-time updates to their order placement activities
  • Offering customized news (Newspaper of “me”) briefings relevant to their holdings or interests. This is achieved via a Matcher service that matches a customer’s watch-list, holdings; with events in the market place.
  • Follow (or unfollow) his social network and making stock predictions and offer tips;
  • Informing clients of special promotions from time to time and to time and customizing rewards to participating users;
  • Alerting users on to recommended positions to open or to close; and to initiate such transactions electronically;
  • Alerting users to time-sensitive actions pertaining to his holdings or interests, e.g. corporate action events

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