Enhancing Your Efficiency

Many organisations are too concern on costs without aware that the real business value can be destroyed

if they approach efficiency purely through cost cutting exercise.

It is indeed easy to save money in the short term by practicing this exercise,

but it's difficult to get the optimum balance between cost and quality.  

Thus, as value is often seen as quality or cost, it’s about delivering desired quality of service for an acceptable cost. 


Operational Efficiency – It’s not just about cutting cost!

Why improving efficiency is important?

Automation is often used as one of the key techniques to improve efficiency and this can achieve significant benefits

when it's implemented with effective business change.

Automation is about using technology effectively to do tasks that would otherwise have been done manually. 

It can generate the following benefits:


Improve the speed of the tasks


Remove human error and manual activity


Improve quality as well as reducing cost

How we helped our customers to improve their efficiency?

"Instead of merely looking at implementing tools to improve efficiency,

we first help our customers to review their most important business services or processes,

the ones that affects our customers' day-to-day activities the most."


Getting multiple systems (up to 5 systems to be exact) to talk to each other. This tremendously reduced the number of touch points that user had to interact with to enter redundant data.

Getting data standards formalized to allow the “same data set” to be exchanged between multiple systems. Enable visibility to operational process to management.This enabled management to zoom in on (on random basis) to keep the production line consistently performing to targets. 

Build data analytics capabilities to allow better and faster way of preparing management reports.  Extracting data across different systems and consolidating them is the most time-consuming. 

Change information and reports are disseminated to management personnel through online reports and mobile devices through centrally prepared data analytics centers.

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