We understand what it takes to build a robust application for the most demanding environments. In our assessment, the financial industry areas of payment IS THE MOST DEMANDING there is.

Our track record in the implementation of Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI) projects for both large local and foreign banks testifies to this fact.

General Benefit

  • A single user interface that helped users manage billions worth of transactions everyday
  • A centralised user interface to manage transaction statuses and data across multiple systems
  • High security, availability and performance
  • In built business rules to automate payments matching
  • Full business recovery and failover solutions for minimum business interruptions 
  • Automated and manual workflow mechanisms for exception payment processing

Functionality of Payment Straight Through







Streamlined UI across multi-systems

A pure user-driven interface that manages the interaction with transactions.

  •  Structured and precise data presentation
  •  Multi-format inquiries (softcopy/hardcopy)
  •  User customizable screens
  •  Logical and comprehensive data presentation
  •  User traceable errors






Transactions Matching

A pure user-driven interface that manages the interaction with transactions.

  •  It also supports auto-matching against the incoming transactions with the pre-defined matching criteria.
  •  A specialty of this feature is it is able to carry out synonym matching or automated matching based on common prefixes.






Comprehensive Support

In the course of manually matching incoming messages, these transactions will be required to be routed to a specific department for scrutiny and acceptance. The system supports the notion of queues within departments.

  •    Auto/Manual routing of transactions
  •   User-supplied remarks textMulti-Transaction support
  •   View specific or all transactions
  •   Comprehensive audit trail






Turbo Simulator

In arranging an identical environment for test simulations, the use of BNM resources is required. This usually comes at a cost and the time taken to coordinate the wide range of activities. Taking the role of BNM host system, the system simulator mimics the basic behavior and scenarios of transactions, to allow you to conduct as many testing simulations as required. This small steps help reduce implementation time and cost. 

  •  Replicates payment transactions  
  •  Unlimited internal testing cycles  
  •  Simulate large volume transactions







Transactions Reconciliations

User driven reconciliations for business date transactions

  •   Multi-format outputs (softcopy/hardcopy)
  •   User demand reports







DR Applet

  •   A graphical interface that facilitate the reconfiguration activities in the event of a system’s failover.
  •   Centralized system settling information 
  •   Managing disaster recovery has never been this easy

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