Increasing Your Revenue Velocity

 With the foundations of revenue velocity serving as a guideline, we completed many engagements

with customers by looking at some common problems.

We increase the efficiency through...


Incorporating best practices, sales process methodologies, operational workflow and customer engagement strategies within re-engineered processes.


Identifying the right tools - both hardware and software - used to execute on the processes and encourage customer stickiness.


Instilling the sales selling mindset within the process and technology changes.

Improving customer experience

If the speed in which you are reaching or pushing information out to your customers are slow, it signifies a failing

customer experience. Using the right technologies, process improvements and innovative turnkey solutions,

we have helped customers improve their engagements with their customers.

Isolated systems and disjointed data sources

We have helped our customers understand where and how prospect data flows and how it can be converged by

focusing on creating data formatting standards and streamlined workflows to get data into nurture tracks

in a timely manner, which then leads to data mining capabilities.

Empowering the people 

The biggest challenge for any organization will be to instill the “selling mind-set”. Using improved processes and

transferring knowledge to automated processes, strategies can then be put in place to re-organize

the organizations KPI achievements to be more revenue generating driven.

Unstandardized process

Processes left unstandardized result in many redundant, manual efforts, such as multiple hand-offs

between your staff and systems. Re-engineering your processes, getting your systems

to talk to each other, eliminates tons of manual process points.

What we promise?

Customers with existing maintenance and those under product warranty are entitled to the following services:

    • Product installation (where required);
    • Investigation and correction of any software errors;
    • Status Reporting i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly;
    • Latest updates on the software application arising from bug fixes and/or enhancements (limited to the warranty period); and
    • Suggestions and recommendations on managing the application(s) supported

Your satisfaction is Our motivation!

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