Straight Through ARchitecture

What is STAR?

STAR, being the acronym for Straight Through ARchitecture, is an implementation methodology that sees the integration of systems and technologies through various integration methods most preferable to the customers.

Via Straight Through Processing (STP) approaches, synergies between the traditional front, middle, and back office processes and systems can be better achieved.

Straight Through Architecture - A Myth?

Straight through processing is a constant sought after ideal in business organizations when client interactions and business processes are automated with minimum user interventions. Yet, it is always a common sight where processes are manual, requires physical documentations, complex human decision-making and mundane.

Achieving high-levels of STP permits you to:

  • Lower your processing costs;
  • Achieve faster turnaround with automated interactions; and
  • Delight customers with better service levels and experience

The questions beckons though, "Why is achieving a straight through architecture such an elusive target?" when the benefits are long term and significant.

Putting together the STAR puzzle

Typically, organizations that claim to implement STP-initiatives either put together semi-automated processes in place or simply automate a manual process.  In piecing together a straight through architecture, it will require the sorting through available technologies, recurring business processes, paper-forms, data or information storage, and decision-making points.

Getting each of these pieces of puzzle to work together is the difference enabling a fully integrated straight through architecture.

How we have helped our customers?

In our engagements with our clients in the telco, investment banking, banking and entertainment industries, we have:

  • Assisted in integrating disparate systems to encourage the flow of entered data from a single source across to various dependent systems within the operating environments.
  • Re-engineered (aggressively in some extent) to eliminate manual touch-points, complex decision making processes, and other inhibitors enterprise-wide
  • Streamlined manual forms to PDF-enabled forms that can be consumed by a system as a means of initiating a process/transaction.
  • Eliminate the need to house business, process or system intelligence within the brains of people.

Putting a STAR architecture together is never a “one-solution to fit all”.  There are many factors specific to an organization that prevents end-to-end orchestration of automated interactions.  As elusive as these STAR environment is, it is still an aspiration that is achievable.  We have done it before!

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