Technology is at the heart of everything we do, but…

We place a higher priority on our employees. We don’t believe in recruiting just to complete a task. We believe in cultivating and investing in the talent and expertise that our employees will need to advance in their careers.

How you will benefit by joining us?

With the incredible pace of technology changes, we believe in equipping our people with tools, processes and best practices through lessons and scars we got from battles fought, so that you won’t have to go through them yourselves.


In anything we do, we never stop innovating, solving problems, or raising our standards. To really make a difference, we aspire to unleash our imagination and talent. Consider the huge difference you will create by assisting in the transformation of processes and making people’s work easier and simpler.

Become a full stack developer

We can’t promise you that we’ll be able to turn you into a full-stack developer in three months (like some colleges advertise). We promise that you will gain expertise by working on real-world problems. It will take slightly longer, but you will be a better programmer as a result.

Get paid to work on your Personal Development Goals (PDG)

We encourage employees to enroll in classes, trainings, and reading assignments as part of the annual PDG strategy to advance your skills. If you complete these within the agreed-upon timeline, you will be rewarded. You will be able to develop your abilities while still getting compensated for it.


Charting a career path for you

When you join us, you will be placed on a career ladder that will show you your future career path. If you fulfill and meet the requirements for each career levels, you will be assured progression. No questions asked.

Become a mentor yourself

Staff with sufficient expertise or experience are also qualified to become mentors for our internship programs, which are done in collaboration with local universities, Give yourself the opportunity to direct others and hone your project management and people skills.

4-Day Work Week

Compress five working days tasks into four compact days received mixed responses across the organization.  As a growing tech firm with relatively young team, we aim to strike a balance between long hours burn-out stress and quality of life.  One extra day of weekend would transform our workforce to be happier, healthier, higher productive rate and retain talents as we excel.

Don’t pass us up just because you’ve never heard of us.

We are proud to say that our employees will learn and grow more in a year with us than they would in universities or with another company.  

We have been around for more than two decades. We partner with major multinational corporations, and we’ve surprised a lot of people by being recognized as a small vendor capable of providing sophisticated software solutions and being able to train our people well. 

Come meet us and make a decision based on our experience and track record. We will undoubtedly surprise you.

Come and Join Us!

Here are some open positions you can apply for with us.

Project Management Positions

Current available positions for our Project Management Department

Business Analyst

No job openings at the moment

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Project Managers

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Marketing & Project Coordinator

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Software Development

Current available positions for our Software Development unit

DevOps Engineer

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Corporate & Operations

Current available position for our Corporate & Operations unit

Human Resource

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Our Mission Statement

We want to improve people’s lives by using products and services, and in the process, we want to push the boundaries of traditional thinking to do so.


In the process, we value our employees innovate and creative ideas and support them to excel in this.

We are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate employees based on their ethnicity, gender, religion or skin color.


We will support and reward our employees that provide exceptional service to our customers.

Let's Work Together!

Send us your resume at [careers][at][soft-skills][dot][com][dot][my] and we promise to get back to you!