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Blockchain in a Complex SaaS

Anyflow was our initial foray into implementing Blockchain in a Complex SaaS.

One can think of Anyflow as the Belt & Road Initiative for Services. We turn a typically multi-lateral, inter-connection between service providers and consumers into a unilateral one using distributed Blockchain technology.

Anyflow is a decentralized digital marketplace for complex services.

What is AnyFlow?

Blockchain Technology suffers from the perception that it has descended into what Gartner calls the “Trough of Disillusionment”.

In 2019, we hand-picked a group of staffers, and tasked us with a challenge to identify a use-case and implement Blockchain in a Complex SaaS. The idea of AnyFlow was mooted to facilitate the B2B workflow market where industry experts collaborate and incubate workflow ideas for SMEs on a Blockchain-secured platform.

This skunk-works group developed a working proof-of-concept that proved the technology is workable, and gained the know how to build a non-trivial system.

What is AnyFlow’s Objective?

AnyFlow’s goal was to provide a safe and secured platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who account for 90% of all businesses and 50% of all jobs worldwide, to bridge their digital divide.

It was also designed to make it easier for service providers to join the Blockchain network.

Belt & Road Initiative for Services

We turn a typically multi-lateral, inter-connection between service providers and consumers into a unilateral one using distributed Blockchain technology. We built a marketplace for complex services.

It was envisioned to:

  • Bridge the digital divide for SME businesses who make up 90% of businesses and 50% of global employment; and
  • Simplify the on boarding of service providers onto the Blockchain environment

How was it envisioned to work?

Project AnyFlow is a democratized marketplace for services. Strategic partners will drive different parties into the ecosystem that each have different roles to play, but also stands to gain different commercial opportunities.

How AnyFlow is put together?

The components making up AnyFlow are as follows:

Idea of Blockchain

Most blockchain solutions present a significant entry barrier in the form of high costs and expertise. For blockchain, the security wrapper makes the blockchain asset record immutable, making it distinct from standard database systems.
This is a compelling proposition when designing a multi-parties collaborative business environment.

Plug-and-Play Integration

Project AnyFlow rethink Blockchain integration by decoupling the consumers from the intricacies of Blockchain networks whilst still enabling them to enjoy the benefits such as transparency and immutability of their data.

Enterprise Readiness

We take the business requirement of an enterprise into account when designing the system. That is why we choose to use Hyperledger Fabric as our
      technology backbone to support high performance and private handling of business data, which are not available in a public Blockchain.

How we bring value to you?

At Soft-Skills, sensibility is in the center of everything that we do.
This attitude is reflected in:

The understanding that IT exists to support the business, and therefore, requirements do change and needs to be accommodated gracefully

Asking the right questions to uncover intricate business issues

Developing solutions that not just work, but work right, fast and long lasting. A lot of our systems have served our Customers for decades.

Preparing comprehensive documentation that meets the highest standards of our customers

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