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What is im✻PACT?

Productivity determines a company’s success. Success depends on lean operations and employee productivity, but human factors make it challenging for companies to maintain high production. Reworks are expensive, thus the right tools and processes are crucial for efficiency and quality.

im✻PACT was developed specifically for managers who want to drive teams to higher levels of effectiveness.

In contrast to your normal collection of project management, collaboration, or to-do list apps, it is a digital productivity platform that enforces a disciplined culture through reusable best practices.

It is also a Marketplace for people to share and commercialize their skills in any field of endeavor, and it is open to everybody.

Useful Principles for Better Design

There are various principles that we can use to enhance our design, Gestalt Principle is one of the most useful principles that can help us organize contents in our design in a way that it is easy to understand by the users. Gestalt principles consist of 7 laws that can guide us to a better design, but in this section, only 4 laws will be demonstrated. 

The similarity law in the Gestalt Principle states that we as humans tend to group elements together when they possess a certain level of similarities. One of the implementations of this law is demonstrated in the design below where the selectable elements are in the similar color, users will naturally assume that the elements in this color are selectable once they find out one of them can do so.

Why Work-From-Home does not work?

In 2020, we started to build the core infrastructure to address our own needs to better plan, assign, coordinate, and track work progress for staffer’s working-from-home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, WFH had its own drawbacks. The results of our preliminary polls with our most important clients and contacts led us to the conclusion that employers are opposed to WFH for three primary reasons:

Loss of Control

WFH makes it hard to track individuals and deliveries. There’s no visibility into what employees do behind the scenes.

Lack of Trust

WFH gradually erodes trust due to constant doubts about deadlines and product quality and efficient use of time.

Inadequately Equipped to WFH

Many workers lack vital hardware needed to their work effectively.

Why the need for im✻PACT?

We built im✻PACT initially to address our own needs to be able to track our staffer’s timely deliverables and quality of work. What was first a tasking system has now evolved into requiring a Competence, Recognition, Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Track Record platform as well. im✻PACT aims in fostering a shared commitment toward a successful Flexible Work Arrangement:

That gamifies working so that it becomes achievement-oriented

That quantify a performance-oriented work culture so that it is measurable

That bridges anti-WFH employers and pro-WFH employees through best-practice automation so that it is repeatable and provable

That controls the cadence of work and reporting so that everyone is kept updated

That predicts the outcome of a job using machine learning so that intervention is early

That logs the history of performance data so that it becomes a demonstrable track record

That nurtures valuable human resources so that their career trajectories are improved

That credits the individual with an achievement grade so that performance is maintained

That seeds the Malaysian start-up ecosystem with a SaaS software framework so that it benefits the community

That proves doctorate research thesis have commercial

We are also collaborating with the International University of Malaya-Wales doctorate candidates to commercialize their research, especially in the rehabilitative aspects of psychometrics analytics in enhancing career trajectories. The Psychometric Capability phase is for the rehabilitative aspects of advisories to help candidates pivot to a better career path based on their assessments through the app.

How businesses will benefit from imPACT?

We believe humans just want to earn better scores in every game they play, with tremendous spill over effects for the country’s productivity. Share your score and QR to view your achievements! Over time, this system will gather sufficient data to be able to grade staffers to a scale of performance that future employers can use as basis for their hiring.

Establishes cadence of work, the rhythm and ritual that generates structure and predictability.

Compliments HR functions with easier on-boarding of people into work and performance tracking.

System-driven scheduling allowing for more efficient work allocation. 

Achieve better work estimations through collection of task data, talents, levels of difficulty, experience and productivity levels.

Platform for subject matter experts to curate and sell best practices and standards for any industries.

Better quality deliverables through use of structured checklists and repeatable processes

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