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Why product design is more difficult than coding?

We believe that coding is the least complicated part of any software development project. The crux of software development is knowing precisely what to build and how.
Jumping straight into coding before designing is like building a building without a blueprint. Imagine trying to do the electrical wiring before you even know where and how big the rooms will be, etc. It would be a disaster.

With a deep understanding of business needs, we conceptualize, plan, visualize the design to develop a final product in collaboration with our Clients that will bring value to the organization.


What constitutes product design in software development?

The most important single aspect of software development is to be clear about what you are trying to build.

Bjarne Stroustrup

The building of a user interface for a computerized system is only one aspect of product design; there are many more.

A product solution is the end result of multiple different components coming together to ensure that the final solution satisfies the requirements of the client, produces the desired results, and serves the organization for the long term.

Why getting the design foundation right is critical?

When all the elements in product design are incorporated together in the right way, the result of the design process has the potential to give the Client a solution that meets all their requirements. However, before that can happen, solution designers must be willing to stand in the shoes of the customer, business users and the Client to conclusively decide what to design, how and why.

The benefits of a good software design can be seen in the following areas:

Form & Function

The system and functionality works well, is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates better support all around


Ease of performance in accordance with the commercial and professional standards of the client


Renders good experience to business users and customers that interact with it


Facilitates expansion of Client’s business through better product, services and customer support

Price is what you pay, value is what you get!

For more than 20 years, we have helped implement solutions for our Clients that have given them a competitive advantage in their respective industry, business growth and serve their customers better.
Here are some examples of our track record.

Star*CDS Automation

Straight Through Architecture for transactions automation with Bursa Malaysia

Implemented for Custodian Banks and Investment Banks in Malaysia

Still in operations and bringing value for more than 20 years


Low cost of ownership

Locked stepped with Bursa

Low maintenance

Small team operations

Long term cost savings

Nominees Mgmt System

Comprehensive solution for local and foreign corporate action transactions management

Implemented for the largest local Investment Bank

Still in operations and bringing value for more than 20 years

Unparalleled capabilities

Value for investment

Battle tested implementation

Digital Transformation

A multi-year technical and business transformation initiative for an investment banking Client

Implemented for a local Investment Bank
Still in operations and bringing value for more than 7 years

Open sourced technologies

Remote business operations capabilities

Third-party operations hosting capabilities

Data Cleansing and Standardization

Reducing customer churns & revenue leakage through data cleansing & standardization

Implemented for a local Investment Bank

Still in operations and bringing value for more than 12 years

Quick return on investment

Robust and battle-test solution

Immediate revenue leakage prevention

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