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Elevate Hiring Process with IPA

by | Oct 23, 2023 | im✻PACT | 0 comments


According to a survey by StandOutCV, more than 55% of the applicants have lied on their resumes at least once. This poses problems not just for employers who end up hiring the wrong applicant, but also the rightly deserving candidates.

In recent times, there really hasn’t been much innovation when it comes to verifying resumes. That is an area that we feel like we have something very substantial that we can contribute. That’s why we came up with the idea of a professional GPA, the im✻PACT Point Average (IPA).

A world without measurements is a world without progress. We fully embrace this phenomenon with our IPA system, which works very similar to a university GPA by calculating a score based on quantitative metrics such as aspects of one’s personality, the number and skill level of competencies that a person possesses, and the day-to-day work that one completes and tracks in our im✻PACT app. It is a tangible measurement of one’s practical skills and knowledge, making it a valuable indicator of one’s readiness for the challenges of today’s world. Showcasing your IPA score provides employers with a provable metric backed by actual statistics that would undoubtedly streamline the hiring flow. With the IPA score, we also encourage the users to embrace a culture of lifelong learning and self-improvement, which is a value we integrate into our day-to-day life at Soft-Skills.

IPA is a core mechanism integrated into the im✻PACT app. Users would be able to see the trend of their IPA score through-out their journey of using im✻PACT. With following mechanisms, users would be able to track, monitor and improve their im✻PACT score:

  • Integrated check-in/checkout tasking system allowing users to track their daily work completion rate
  • Competency system to allow users to rate/vote other’s competencies
  • Integrated personality tests
  • Marketplace to buy courses & material that would help improve you in your weaker areas

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is im✻PACT and what it can do for you. We are very excited to launch our system and we invite you to try it out.

Be Better Everyday 

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