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Incubating a Performance Culture

by | Oct 23, 2023 | im✻PACT | 0 comments

The game industry has been thriving in recent years. How did it manage to capture the hearts of so many?

What magic dust did it sprinkle to make it grow so rapidly?

One driving reason is because it gives a sense of accomplishment and progress to the player.

Who doesn’t want to be known as the person who Defeated The Boss? Congratulations! Here’s some reward for this accomplishment. Increased in level? Here’s a badge to commemorate this fantastic achievement. Deep down, we all want to be recognized by our peers – the social cred and all that.

Work and Games

But oftentimes, “Work” and “Games” are contradictory terms when used in the same sentence.

“Games are distractions”. “Playing games is a waste of time”. These are the harsh words pounded on the psyche of many young teens for gaming pursuits. This impression follows them into adulthood.

So how can we incorporate the idea of achievement and recognition into the professional world? We built in customizable competitions based on the various of aspects of getting a job done. Gaming with im✻PACT revolves around the idea of making work about achievement and recognition – and, dare I say, “making it fun?” How would one go about accomplishing this?


im✻PACT’s primary focus is on productivity, and we already accompany this with almost real-time interactive leaderboards build around the user’s activity in the app. The app tracks all users’ progress and rank each person’s performance.

Users also receive awards for their achievements, displayed permanently on their own achievement boards. Users can use their profiles as a sort of electronic report card for future employers. Won’t you like an electronic CV that is based on hard performance data – maybe this spells the end of fake CVs.

im✻PACT strives to alter the work environment from just boring deliverables & deadlines, to fun, lively & encouraging activities to look forward to everyday!


Link below to learn more about im✻PACT and how it can make your work more fun:

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