They want us working on their initiatives that require systems integration &

process re-engineering. They demand innovative and sensible solutions that

are simple to manage. And importantly, they want us to deliver.

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What We Do

We offer full spectrum services ranging from corporate data quality to process re-engineering to enterprise application integration.

We are platform-agnostic – we think business drives technology, not the other way around.

Who We've Served

Since 2001, we have served clients in the largest and most demanding industry in financial services, oil & gas and retail.

These businesses have the most stringent service expectations.

They transact billions or ringgit through our systems.

How We Do It

We know how to build systems that are resilient and efficient.

Unlike many others, we don’t consider software development an entry-level job.

Many of our passionate staffers have chalked up over 10 years, under their belt.